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How can Christian girls set real, lasting standards for dating amid such confusion?There is no “Dating” section of the Bible, so it’s easy for Christian girls to think God doesn’t speak to it at all.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve met a lot of phonies, and even been blind enough to date them. After finding the right man to date, the battle becomes keeping God in the center of the relationship AND your life, rather than the man you’re dating.

He knows every guy’s heart better than we ever will, and the best part of this is they can’t fool God like they may be able to fool us (1 Samuel 16: 7). If we trust Him, we can avoid a lot of unnecessary heartbreak.

The author is a very successful biblical counselor who has had many years of experience in counseling. All Scripture in this book is taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

I would recommend this book to any woman who wants to know “the secrets of a happy heart”. If you have any questions concerning your role and purpose as a woman… This world is so confused about gender roles and distinction.

♥ I cannot write a post titled “books every Christian young woman should read” without including the greatest book ever written… It should be consumed and “digested” before all other books. It contains tons of Scripture, biblical advice, and as the title says… Personally, I love learning about joy and happiness and this book has been extremely helpful to me.