Insane clown posse dating game album

They formed their own professional wrestling federation, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, and later collaborated with many well-known hip hop and rock musicians.The group has established a dedicated following called Juggalos numbering in the "tens of thousands".Island then re-released the album on August 12, 1997.

Insane clown posse dating game album

The Great Milenko is the fourth of six "Joker's Cards" albums released by the Insane Clown Posse.

The Great Milenko is a necromancer and master of illusions, who tempts people into following a path of hedonism and evil for material comforts.

As the fourth Joker's Card in the group's Dark Carnival mythology, the album's lyrics focus on the titular Great Milenko, an illusionist who tries to trick individuals into greed and other such sins.

The album was recorded and initially released by the Disney-owned record label Hollywood Records.

Released in 1997, this is perhaps Insane Clown Posse's most popular album; it features some of ICP's most famous tracks, including "Hokus Pokus", "Boogie Woogie Wu", "The Neden Game", "Down With The Clown", and "Halls of Illusions".