How long have ashanti and nelly been dating

reports that the lovers split because Ashanti wanted to get married, while Nelly wasn’t ready to settle down.

The “Country Grammar” rapper was rumored to be seen with model-actress Melyssa Ford in Las Vegas and Miami.

She danced with the Senior Pro Ensemble at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Avery Fisher Hall, and the Black Spectrum Theater.

why does every man all of a sudden think they can tell me whats wrong with me what i need to do how i should do it why i do the things i do? Maybe they just didn't want folks in their business or could have been FWB. If you care about black women so damn much then how about you stop putting all them ASS models in your vids and how about you donate some money to organizations designed to empower black women. Therefore depending on a man to take care of me seemed absurd. after dating my husband and learning him and myself with him I realized that it wasn't about relinquishing control or allowing someone to "take care of me" it was about playing my part, respecting my relationship and growing together in my relationship... I have actually been told by a black man in corporate america that he didn't have to make any kind of dating decisions because he is desired by all races of women and could bounce between situations with no problem and absolutely no guilt. My fiance may not have a college degree BUT he runs his own business, is a great provider and most importantly he loves me unconditionally.

If they weren't they did a damn good job of looking like a couple. So basically he thinks women are supposed to be like Ashanti and spread their legs and let a man drop that load then go on and do it do somebody else? Women don't care about no "society" women care about a man who will respect them and treat them right. That was an issue for me for years because I had to stand on my own for years... Corporate dudes have taken it a step further though. Nelly is Blk women are too worried about what "society" says instead of focusing on our own true feelings & desires.

Nelly says he and Floyd Mayweather were NEVER FRIENDS ...

even though they used to hit the clubs together ....

It's very annoying to continue to take off from what I have to do with work for court and stuff.