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PIMP, who the shotta them I'm the girl dem sugar, watch them follow him Had the homies come through, 400, that be the block Take yo shit, we going up on the Instagram Higher than a ceiling fan, I'm whippin' bricks in the kitchen I'm flying shit out the window like I was Peter Pan I handle my own shit, I own shit I loan shit, middle finger to the middle man Anybody that can get it when they want it Finger fuck bitches, she gon tell me when she cumin'Find more lyrics at ※ Mojim.com50 in this bitch and I ain't asking him for nothin'That's my OG, if a nigga trippin', get to bustin'Mo money mean mo problems If your nigga got the money, we gon' rob him Boy I'm simply, a P.

Plus: 5 Things I Learned About Sex From Rap Music 2. because I started out before the date with one-hundred-ten dollars and no back pain.

more » Ayo, quit Captain Savin', serenadin' them hoes She no Juliet for no Romeo with no dough She report to pimpin', now back to trickin' She report to pimpin', nigga back to trickin' Hey hoe, get back to twerkin', back to workin' Get back to strippin', they back to tippin' Them stacks is fallin', they back to ballin' Them bottles poppin', bitch the mall is callin' us Quit fuckin' around, not playin' around bitch, shit is for real Quick makin' a stack, back makin' some mill, I mean, get us a deal Bitch fix us a meal, tell me how does it feel?

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The fourth thing is the kicker on the whole thing and makes this the winner for all-time shittiness. “Gonna leave that hoe with no dough and plenty of back pain.” – DMX, It’s All Good Girl #1: Hey girl, don’t ever go out with DMX.

I actually think that David Allen-Grier has said this at some point as a joke. Therefore, don’t say it seriously as a gangsta in a rap song. “Lend me your body.” – Diddy, Buck In Here I mean, “borrowing a woman’s body” just seems like the most disrespectful way of saying “I would like to make love with you”. But if you don’t mind I’mma keep you on call.” Kanye West, So Appalled I can’t see why she wouldn’t be down with this… “You a big fine horse.” – Webbie, Gimme Dat In case you were wondering, this is something you can’t say to a chick.

All I know is what I hear, and what I hear is a bunch of hellishly cool guitar lines (basic straight-up hard rock, but darker!

) and curiously bizarre song titles like "I'm On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep," "Before The Kiss, A Redcap" and the most fucked-up tune on here, "She's As Beautiful As A Foot."The record ends with a surprisingly normal C/W-type pretty tune, but the rest of it sounds exactly like what a band called "Blue Oyster Cult" SHOULD have sounded like in 1972.

None of this stuff is as eerie as "Don't Fear The Reaper," but it all aspires to giving you the slight willies while making you shake your fist in the air as if unconcerned.