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There was one about how close to one another people who ended up together used to live (the answer is very close).

Another about how the average age at which people get married has evolved (it has, as you probably know, been creeping upwards for some time).

” helps to uncover how we perceive love, how we expect it and in what ways we give it because some of the success of romantic relationships is rooted in how we first developed love. You're not really hearing what the person has to say—what you really want to do is you want to observe over time how the person you're dating shows love and receives love from their parents.” “If you discuss those things and the person on the other end doesn't receive them, in the way that you are intending them to be received, then it could be an issue with communication. It could be an issue with many things, but ultimately, it means that you're probably not the most compatible for that person.

I'm Scared of Love Because I Saw My Parents' Marriage Fail “What you're really trying to figure out was ‘how was that love conveyed?

But don't worry if you'd like to branch out further afield.