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Every once in a while, An August evening comes around, When nostalgia is engulfing you, Rain is enveloping you, You can no longer hear the rustling of the leaves, Instead a long silence prevails, The sound of droplets falling softly to the ground, To the thrashing of rain against houses, Nature calls out to us.

Through the clouds huddling together in the sky, To the petrichor which blows you away, Through the crystal clear water on leaves, To the greenery that borders our sight, I simply sit.

Yes, Bedford Avenue has fancy cheeses to be sampled and boys in too-tight, ill-fitting women's skinny slacks to mock, but I'd lived there for 20 years and I was kind of attached; to the four walls I'd painted loud colors, to the ridiculously specific restaurants, to the little community my neighbors and I had become.

I mean, how lucky was I to have one of my closest friends just one floor away?

He eventually found her and their "open" relationship has lasted 13 years. Gottwald organises conferences, workshops and individual chats on polyamory and helps run the Poly Amore Netzwerk association which has 120 members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.