Granny two way web cam

I put this in my living room and now I can keep an eye on the dogs when I am on vacation and make sure that they are being let out like they are suppose to be.

I also use it to keep an eye on the grand kids when I am watching them and I am in the other room.

So let’s look at a few important features of nanny cameras that will help you to decide which one is best for your situation.

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Every day it is becoming more and more important to make sure that our children are safe, when we can’t be there to protect them.

You hear of so many horrid stories of babysitters who don’t look after our children the way they should, that it becomes scary to actually leave them with someone else.

Click here: Saranac Lake Please click here to visit the image gallery if the cam is down. I view the lake from Plantersville Tx, i use to live there and my favorite time of the year at the lake was winter these so called winters here SUCK and when i get some money i will return to Cleveland NY to live because it is so Beautiful up there All year around .....

OMG ---the snow is so piled up on the fence I can't even see the Lake, today on 3/15/17. We view your site every morning from our home in Florida.

Check out this video of a Bernhards Bay resident ice sailing on Sodus Bay, NY