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Asked by defence counsel Roger Thomson if he and the victim had both read Fifty Shades of Grey, he said: “That’s where we got the idea from.” Prosecutors claim that Mr Lock put a rope around the woman’s neck and pulled it tight before padlocking her wrist to a chain fastened to his bedroom floor.He then allegedly ordered her to bend over the bed and struck her 14 times with the rope, causing 14cm long bruises to her buttocks.Afterwards, he said he was relieved that they "had seen sense" and that the case should never have reached court.

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Prosecutor Duncan O'Donnell said: “She went there expecting a fantasy when Mr Lock wanted reality.

She may have expected some playful spanking, to be hit lightly perhaps, but she received a lashing with a rope.” Mr Lock denied assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was cleared by a jury of ten men and two women.

The mother, who said she had decided to check her daughter Chloe-Marie's account for the first time, went along with the conversation to find out what the stranger wanted from the schoolgirl.

Believing he was chatting to the 13-year-old, the man said she could not tell anyone about the conversation. Playing her part, Ms Carberry replied that she did understand. The man then asked her to lock the door, sit on her bed and "say hi master". At that point, Ms Carberry, from Preston, Lancashire, revealed her identity asking the man "what do you think you are doing with all these young girls on your Facebook".

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