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Among the problems: Gmail message downloading shenanigans, subsequently fixed in a November update (I don’t pull Gmail IMAP directly, I have Gmail forward everything to another master account, thus I never experienced this), moving or deleting messages, and most troublesome of all, retrieving new mail automatically — sporadic enough for some that it’s required they quit and restart Mail to resuscitate the application.

Apple released a second formal point update, OS X 10.9.1, in December that claimed to address some of these issues, but for many, Mavericks’ mail complications continue.

Whether it's by text, social media, or email, your i Phone is your communications lifeline to the world.

And that's what makes it so frustrating when your email isn't working (it's doubly frustrating if you need to get an email for your job).

Refreshing your mail allows you to see what mail you have that is new, quickly and easily.