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Feel free to use these forums to discuss your doubleguns, double rifles, drillings, combination-guns and related material.The rules are really simple: Stay on the subject matter, keep it clean, and contribute answers when you can! Questions & Answers - Gauge, Bore Rifles and Paradox type guns.. All types of Gauge, Bore Rifles and Paradox type guns... 10, 12, 16, 20 and 28 Gauge, Bore rifle and Paradox type gun discussions.Vintage Single Shot rifles, Including, Farquharson, Shuetzen, Hi-Walls, Low-Walls, Sharps, Falling Block, European Stalking rifles, Rolling Blocks, Martini's and like pattern single shot sporting rifles. Mauser, Mannlicher Schoenauer, Winchester, Griffin & Howe, Rigby and like pattern bolt action sporting rifles.

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A prime example that appears to have come out of the factory yesterday afternoon might bring as much as $175 while a rusty rotten incomplete piece of junk fit only for parts salvage might bring $10. But sentiment can count for a lot, and I'd like to shoot it -- if possible -- with the correct black powder loads, hence my questions. the serial number under the triggers is 3983 can anyone enlighten me on what year is was made what its worth or even if it can be where do you buy black powder shells If it is hammerless it was made in 1905, the 1st year of production. If the smith ok's the gun, you can purchase low pressure ammo from RST. black powder is legal in all states too right, no f.i.d. wouldnt want to get pulled over and handcuffed hahah Why do you say it is "black powder"? Shotgunners being a rather hidebound lot, and early problems with reliable ignition, kept smokeless powders from really taking hold until the early 1890s.

Most sell on the various auction sites for $50 to $95. By 1905, North American manufacturers had been boring and guaranteeing their shotguns for nitro powders for over a decade.

Side by sides are a lot more expensive to buy in a new gun, to get the same quality level.

Most side by sides I own are over sixty years old, and I love them, but you'll deal with fixed chokes, no steel shot ever, and 2 3/4" chambers,,,,and the joys of keeping an old shotgun running that parts are hard to get for.

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