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The columns that I have not included are: sex, place of death, place of birth, occupation, cause of death, and person reporting the death (usually township assessor).

seq Vol, M num Page Last, First Middle Death Date C Age Place of Residence ----- ----- --------------------- ----------- - --------- -------------------- 0090a B 006 Aberts, Frank 1893 Dec 05 S 19y5m16d Wellston 0113a B 008 Aberts, Hazel 1898 Jul 28 S 1y4m27d Wellston 0067a B 006 Aberts, Philip 1890 Jun 18 M 48y1m3d Wellston 0038a B 004 Aberts, Samuel 1885 Aug 20 - 2d Wellston 0038b B 004 Aberts, Samuel COMMENT: parents- Chris Aberts and Anna Kasanall? 1895 Sep 11 S 1m Wellston 0097a B 008 Abrahams, William 1895 Oct 25 S 1y1m4d Coal Tp. Henry 1899 Mar 11 S 3m28d Glen Roy 0065a B 006 Acres, 1889 Jun 30 S stillborn Lick Tp. 1883 Sep 02 S 4y Wellston 0031a B 004 Admon, Adam 1885 Apr 21 S 1y11m Infirmary 0082a B 006 Ahe, Julia 1891 Dec 26 W 91y Jackson 0107a B 008 Ailshire, Mary E. 1896 Sep 24 S 3y5m9d Wellston 0080a B 006 Ainsworth, Lida W.

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Within each section its records are entered in the order that they were received.