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I know a lot of people who's dose doesn't hold them, in the morning they are up early waiting in line for it. And no I'm done with stripping these clubs are SLEEZY as hell anyway.

How do I not go to the wherever and get a bad batch and ruin my daughters life? If I had this problem I would deff think about having it in my Arsenal to hold me over those extra few hours. Only time I've not been on methadone and benzos is my two year prison sentence in Message me Brown town Would be nice to actually have a back and forth without waiting 180 min!! I saw someone who posted-"Eventually u have to pay the piper".

She said: We bonded at summer camp over our mutual obsession with s’mores!

She meant: Which we had plenty of time to eat together in the infirmary thanks to our 10 billion mosquito bites. She said: I’m actually good friends with his sister. She meant: I ate nasty food court crap every single day just to have an excuse to talk to him.

There are a multitude of ways to meet your knight in shining armor, but few of them are as picture perfect as Katherine Heigl movies would have you believe.