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And if there was anything at all I could do to prevent that feeling of being so, you're completely, you have no control over anything, any of your bodily functions, where you are, what you do, what's said to you. If I could just try and get staff who deal with the patients not to be so desensitised to them, and try and remember that this could be them one day. And I am sure that they would have, if it had been someone their age, if it had been one of their colleagues, if it had been a handsome bloke in his thirties or twenties, if it had been a gorgeous girl in her twenties, they would have had a completely different experience to mine.

Others are traumatized by being put on life support.

Caregivers struggle, too; they may still be reeling from days or weeks fearing the worst.

Unlike in the ICU, heart transmitters used in telemetry are cordless and patients are able to move around freely.

Following a stay in telemetry, many patients go through outpatient heart rehabilitation.

We ask that family take all valuables and personal articles home during hospitalization. Telemetry patients wear small transmitters that send information about the electrical activity of their hearts to the nurse's station for monitoring.