Gratis 1on1 chat - Office is updating

Let me know if I need to get more info from my friend to post back here with more diagnostic info. I've been told by the person they cannot disable Metered Connection on this connection they're on.

I click on update, it sometimes gives me a warning that I'm on a metered connection and do I want to continue -- and then it doesn't.

I suspect the problem is with Win 10 and has nothing to do with 2016.

office is updating-28

To download Office, Share Point, and Exchange SP1 products, see the following: For projects created before the release of v1.1 of the Java Script API for Office and add-in manifest schema, you can update a project's files using the Nu Get Package Manager, and then update your add-in's HTML pages to reference them.

Note that the update process is applied on a Note: After updating the version of the add-in manifest schema to 1.1, you will need to remove the Capabilities and Capability elements, and replace them with either the Hosts and Host elements or the Requirements and Requirement elements.

which is crucial, at least for conventional updates of other Windows products when updating Windows.

While there, you might also take a look at How updates are delivered. I suspect the problem is with Win 10 and has nothing to do with 2016.

Changer of addresses for employees are maintained by Human Resources and can be updated through i People.