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Angarano was born in the year 1987 on 3rd of December and this makes his age 27 at this moment.

At this age, he has already been a popular celebrity and he has faced paparazzi several times in his life.

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Nikki's happily married, Rob and Kris are still totally together, and Michael's very busy furthering his acting career.

Michael Angarano is an actor, but he isn't really known for any on-screen role.

Kristen Stewart has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, but she is still notoriously private about her life, especially when it comes to who she's dating.

While some of her relationships have been more public than others, she has certainly had her fair share of love and heartbreak over the years.

Stewart issued a public apology to Pattinson, but the couple split after the incident.