Dating a victim of abuse sign you are dating a married man

Narcissistic Victim Abuse is abuse that has been caused by someone with this personality disorder.The NPD is not often medically diagnosed, so that the narcissistic individual goes undetected in society (home, work-place, organizations, social settings) and the victim’s plight unrecognised.

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Sexual abuse cannot be compared, because each abuse experience is unique.

Children are vulnerable to sexual abuse because of their age, size and innocence.

Definition of Domestic Violence Domestic violence refers to violent acts committed by a family or household member against another, such as child abuse or the mistreatment of one’s spouse.

Domestic violence can refer to physical harm inflicted on a member of a household or family, by another member of the same household or family.

When a child or youth is molested, she/he learns that adults cannot be trusted for care and protection: well-being is disregarded, and there is a lack of support and protection.