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Furthermore, the fact that his sisters couldn’t intervene should be questioned.

If the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner already knew that Rob being with Chyna was bad news, Wendy Williams believes that they could have done more than just talking to him about ending the romance.

Your daughter, her name starts with a T, the one who’s on MTV singing ...' Wendy then stumbled.'Noah? 'Noah, exactly, an N.' Wendy replied flashing a wide-eyed look to the camera. ' Wendy quizzed the singer, to which he replied, 'Cyrus vs Cyrus.''I know. I seen.' Wendy added while giving the audience a sassy, knowing look.

A little later Wendy asked Billy how he and wife Tish are doing and he said 'great' before asking the author if she's seen Tish's TV show.'You mean, the home one on HGTV? 'Bravo.' Billy replied, no doubt summoning every ounce of patience he had.'I'm sorry. The interview continues to offer several more awkward moments, all the way to the eight-minute mark.

Wendy Williams goes on to stress that she doesn’t feel bad for Rob Kardashian in the slightest.