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The plan to outlaw poppers – which create a short-lived head rush when sniffed from a bottle – is part of rushed and flawed piece of legislation aimed at countering the rise of designer drugs blamed for 60 deaths in 2013 in England and Wales, according to a new report by the Home Affairs select committee.Poppers are popular on the gay scene for short-term sexual boosts and campaigners had warned that banning them would either drive their sale underground and see users switch to more harmful drugs.

Il commence 2007 avec un petit rôle dans la comédie chorale The Ten, de David Wain ; puis en jouant les meilleurs amis dans la comédie romantique Watching the Detectives, portée par le tandem Cillian Murphy/Lucy Liu ; enfin en évoluant dans le casting hollywoodien de Meet Bill.

The Government should abandon plans to ban party drug poppers in a new law targeting the booming industry in legal highs, MPs say.

But the Government’s main drugs advisory body says that any harmful effects of poppers are not capable of creating a “societal problem” – and the MPs say today that they should be excluded from the new legislation.

Britain is the largest market for the designer drugs in the EU with 670,000 people aged 15 to 24 experimenting with them, according to a study by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in 2013, with experts warning they pose a major health risk despite the label of “legal highs”.

But she added, "I think she is a very quick study, and fortunately [GOP nominee] John Mc Cain does have that sort of experience." It seems Palin is still learning about Mc Cain, too, judging from an awkward exchange in her interview with CBS' Katie Couric, seen Wednesday night.