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Emily Walker, 25, says she is on disciplinary probation following a months-long investigation by university officials."They handed me one of the hardest punishments you can get on SMU," Walker said. Last November, she created a flyer titled "Why White Women Should Date Black Men" and posted 150 copies around campus.

It was a direct response to another flyer posted on campus that was full of racist claims, titled "Why White Women Shouldn't Date Black Men.""I was like, ' I'm a white woman.' I'm going to show the author, ' No, sorry buddy. Walker is a married mother of two, studying advertising at SMU.

Walker said what was supposed to be a quick process turned into months of anxiety, and she was recently told of her probation punishment."If you do one thing wrong, you could be suspended and off this campus," Walker said.

"I'm walking on thin ice."SMU would not comment on Walker's situation or say whether the university punished anyone for posting the original racist flyer.

"These messages have no place at SMU and are in opposition to SMU’s values and commitment to an environment free from discrimination.” The University is currently investigating the incident.

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