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Once you sign in to Student using your personal identifiers and Federal Student Aid PIN, you will be able to electronically complete the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Application and Promissory Note. The electronic application on Student consists of the following five steps: 1. Consolidating private education loans can help you simplify and lower your monthly payments.

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For more information of the specific loan terms, please visit the Loan Consolidation home page.

Maximum Loan Length: 10-30 years Frequency of Payments: Varies Prepayment penalties: None Fees: None You apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan through Student

Your interest rate becomes a weighted balance of your existing loans, and you can choose a new payoff period.

Refinancing is available for private education loans Numerous private lenders are eager to consolidate any type of loan you have, including federal student loans.

To identify your current plan with Great Lakes, and to investigate other plans, select tab to estimate your monthly payment under various repayment options.