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Introduce girls to new experiences that show them they're capable of more than they ever imagined. Girls from Troop 361 took action with Service Unit 15’s Duffle Bag donation in Homestead.

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A RECORD amount of money changed hands on the Mayweather/Mc Gregor fight, college football went live, NFL had a bunch of pre-season, the BIG3 crowned its first champion, there was a full baseball slate, and even a few soccer games to bet on over in England. Probably gonna keep the wallet closed today, but if I were a betting man, would take a look at the D’backs with Patrick Corbin over the Giants.

Still recovering from the fabulous Saturday out here in Vegas.

L.s collected pillows, stuffed animals, toiletries and books to help fill each bag for a child in The Children's Home Society of Florida. Girl Scout Troop 361 also spent an afternoon sharing activities with the children, all while getting to know them better.

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