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The goal of this weekly group is to help clients become more aware of the numerous lifestyle choices they can make and chose those that will enhance the quality of the lives while in treatment and post treatment.

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But after I finished writing The Golden Mean, I knew my project was only half-finished.

That was such a male book, but I wanted to look at the female world also. Annabel Lyon: I really wanted to show her as being caught between two worlds: the rationalism of her father, and the god and goddesses and kitchens and slaves of the traditional female world.

The goal of this group is to Increase clients’ awareness of the nature of these addictions, how they can correlate with substance use and to learn how to avoid the ongoing damage to their lives and their families.

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Our quarterly events facilitate a meeting of online content creators, game developers, and their audiences. If you're interested in sponsoring our next event, please see our Sponsorship Program!