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Parking for 4 Cars, Under-House Patio Area w/Swing & Table w/Chairs, Steps to Front Sun Deck w/Deck Furniture & Entry, Steps to Back Covered Deck w/Furniture, Half Bath, Storage Room w/Laundry Area, Enclosed Outdoor Shower, & Charcoal Grill.

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Along with the usual demographic analysis, Ru says that sequencing — as in, the timing of store openings — is a huge part of Sweetgreen's real estate strategy.

"How we enter a market is just as important as how many stores we do." In New York, for example, Sweetgreen's first store was at 28th and Broadway in the increasingly chic No Mad neighborhood.

In piecing together our recollections and asking others for theirs, rummaging through archives, questioning both key players and the public, we simply wanted to remind the world—and ourselves—about the first and still number one international photography event.

It was an early summer event for enthusiasts, invented 40 years ago by Lucien Clergue and a handful of photographers and photography lovers who wanted to cut loose from the conventions and diktats of the photography clubs; it attracted major artists, some at the height of their glory and others just starting out.

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