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I don’t like to set people up for failure and I will not enroll anyone that I believe can not be successful in my program.

Nowadays, things like Internet dating and speed dating are commonplace, and people seem open to the idea of meeting strangers.

Why can't we just set it up ourselves and do it for free?

But one thing I've realized is this: if a singles organization is any good, it loses all of its members, because the single people all couple up.

That's sort of what happened to my friend Queen B, who used to arrange singles events all the time, before she got hooked up herself. If you add video coverage to the post-date feedback, you've got an excellent non-blind version of "Blind Date". By the way -- I'm having a sudden brain-loss as to who your co-host was for the singles thing at April & George a couple of years ago. Ken: I'm definitely on board with your singles community idea.

The best part of what I have done with my membership is combined the traditional dating service business model with the old fashion values of a matchmaker.