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If you are ready to purchase the upgrade, simply download, install and run Booth 3 to start the upgrade process.Please note that your computer will need an internet connection to complete the credit card payment process.

Booth 3 is a free update if you purchased Booth after 1/1/2017.

Simply download, install and launch Booth 3; your current code will work with the new version. Booth 3.0 is a $95 upgrade for those that purchased Booth before 1/1/2017.

bcp [database_name.] schema.{table_name | view_name | "query" [-a packet_size] [-b batch_size] [-c] [-C ] [-d database_name] [-e err_file] [-E] [-f format_file] [-F first_row] [-h"hint [,...n]"] [-i input_file] [-k] [-K application_intent] [-L last_row] [-m max_errors] [-n] [-N] [-o output_file] [-P password] [-q] [-r row_term] [-R] [-S [server_name[\instance_name]] [-t field_term] [-T] [-U login_id] [-v] [-V (80 | 90 | 100 )] [-w] [-x] /? When data is bulk imported into SQL Server, the data file contains the data to be copied into the specified table or view.

When data is bulk exported from SQL Server, the data file contains the data copied from the table or view. The data file can contain a maximum of 2 Is a Transact-SQL query that returns a result set.

A fee of £15 is required to add the STCW endorsement if not applied for at the same time as the commercial endorsement.