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In the best cases, they serve to reveal the strength of the latent bonds of trust and social solidarity that lie dormant as we hurry about the city in our private bubbles—a reminder of the strength of our institutions and our selves, in the face of infrastructure.

Such was the case in New York after 9/11, and across much of the northeast during the great blackout of 2003. The slightest bit of stress works its way into the underlying cracks of the body politic, a crisis turns those cracks to fractures, and the very idea of civil society starts to look like a cheapo paint job from a chiseling body shop.

But over all these years, we seem to have missed the point that all the tragedies that we come to face with are making.

It is us humans and the hate we broil so passionately within ourselves, that causes most of the destruction.

Exhibit A: The mass breakdown in the social order that saw 300 cars stranded overnight in the middle of a major Montreal highway during a snowstorm last week.