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It’s probably easier to change my sex than my Facebook relationship status these days. Though I’m consistently amazed at the attention you’re lathered with by randy locals, I would rather not draw my samurai sword and launch into a battle of the foreign sexes on Japanese soil. And anyway, even gender isn’t a done deal these days.

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No, it’s far too easy to blame foreign men for my being single in Japan. I mean, it couldn’t possibly be anything to do with me, right?

Or, maybe I just haven’t read the rules properly on how to play the Japanese dating game.

He will not be able to turn down the after-dinner drinks at a Japanese-style pub either, or the last hour at the karaoke before going home…well, it’ll only be an hour if no one misses their last train.

In that case, camaraderie oblige, everyone has to spend the night in the cramped karaoke room and sing old J-pop tunes until dawn.

Another important fact to bear in mind is the mentality.