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But with the above example I got Notice: Array to string conversion in /var/www/html/mytheme/wp-includes/on line 1025 So if I add the custom field without variable metaboxes are working fine like below content: is a redux framework option its just a field in my redux / theme settings panel.

I want to give the possibility to make the customfields changable as you see Im calling global $redux from database but I want just to use these variables in my metaboxes file.

Metaboxes file is creating the custom field options below post editor and the notice is below post editor too.

One way you could debug this is to do an explicit conversion of all three of the redux variables to strings. If that doesn't do it for you, I would suggest adding this to your file: Let me explain you better, the codes in my question are using this one and Im calling redux variables in this metaboxes script but the redux variables are just text fields in redux framework I resolved with another method because its not possible to use like in my question I have just used my second code and created to custom field one from redux and one from metabox I dont know how to explain but it was not possible to have an answer for my question since its impossible I'm sorry to belabor this, but I am doing so in case someone else has a similar problem.