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We provide details of investors only based on consent from our clients to their appointed brokers, agents, bankers and similar representatives, and to our client in whose products he has invested and to any other intermediaries to fulfill business obligation.

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Personal hygiene is a top priority in all our lives.

You can choose from a wide selection of personal care products online, which include shaving & hair removal gels, creams & strips from Veet and Anne French; feminine hygiene products like sanitary napkins & tampons from Whisper; deodorants & antiperspirants for men & women from Axe, Playboy, Davidoff, Denim, Nike, Dove and Spinz.

We also have health care devices like blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, pedometers and thermometers from Omron, Detak, Equinox, Indigo and Dr. In addition, there are special devices like compressors and vapourisers for those suffering from allergies and pain relievers like electrothermal hot water bags, electric heating blankets, ice bags, anti-cervical foam pillows and joint pain relief oils.

We also stock various mobility aids & equipment like folding wheelchairs, walkers and walking sticks to make life easier and comfortable for the elderly.

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