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It was quite the opposite, actually: my sister was angry at the round’s subject and the subsequent answers given.

Granted, this post has been a long time coming, but as usual, the geniuses over at Jezebel finally prompted me to write it.

It’s simply a “docudrama” on people struggling with obesity.

I’m not sure whether Fat TV is helping or hurting the (mis)representation of various shapes and sizes in American entertainment.

All I know is, we could probably use some more shows like that incorporate cast members of all kinds, and don’t feel the need to pat themselves on the back or declare their diversity in attention-grabbing ways.

Fat characters are more likely to be in minor roles, less likely to be involved in romantic relationships, have fewer positive interactions than thin characters, and were often made the butt of jokes.” So, has the overwhelming onslaught of Fat TV programming improved the situation? But blogger Bonnie Erbe wrote, “I don’t agree, however, that it’s a ‘sudden fascination with fat.’ Remember was a comedy about the realities of middle class family life.