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Many conference sexual ethics policies are simply silent about clergy dating. district superintendents, GCSRW learned that 29% believe “it is morally OK for a single pastor to date one of his/her parishioners.” It is clear that the persons receiving, investigating and, in many cases, resolving sexual misconduct complaints are not of one mind on this issue.Clearly, a zero-tolerance policy does not reflect current attitudes of clergy and Cabinet members. The United Methodist Church must engage in a frank discussion about the morality of clergy dating within the parish.

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“But as she has taken over I’ve received a lot of positive comments.

She’s a gift and I very much look forward to working with her."“I’m still getting to know them and they’re still getting to know me but I sense that there’s a lot of life here in this church and I’m excited to see where we’ll go together in the years to come,” O’Hern said.

We live in a unique time in history where 5 generations of a family work, play, and worship together.

Beyond the normal struggles with taking care of a family, people are discovering there are not always the quick and easy answers to our problems that we wish there were.

Dating, romantic or sexual relationships between clergy and their parishioners “are never appropriate because of imbalance of power,” Council members asserted.