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The one bright spot for me was girls, because my laid-back lifestyle did let me focus a lot of effort on picking them up. I was experiencing localized swelling just thinking about it.

I was having enough success that I didn't have to think about getting serious with any of them. So one night I hooked up with this girl from China named Tanya. It was probably only five minutes of deliberation, in stoner time. One more completely unnecessary bowl for the road, and I'm on my way. What if it's a dominatrix costume, and she wanted to tie me to a chair? What if she has, like, an Adolf Hitler fetish or something? A full, head-to-toe, detailed, costume-contest contender of a ladybug outfit.

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These developmental shifts, research suggests, are some of the factors driving the increase in sexual "hookups," or uncommitted sexual encounters, part of a popular cultural change that has infiltrated the lives of emerging adults throughout the Western world.