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As the 5th President of this great institution, we continue the vision of our historical roots that began in 1977 with a mission to develop the church, the community, and the marketplace for the Kingdom.

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There is even a large stone ship just off shore of a waterfront reminiscent of Venice.

As a whole this estate is eclectic in its artistic styles, but somehow it is all unified because of its consistantly garish presentation that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Our diverse faculty is dedicated to helping students explore possibilities and achieve their life’s purpose.

At Logos University, we strive not just to provide an education that leads to a career and a future, but to encourage our students to deepen their faith as they broaden their knowledge and skills.

We took note of the ultra-ornate Rococo-style furnishings (which I personally don't like) of some rooms, whilst others had differing themes.