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One of those who can boast around and tell people that he has perfected this art is Travis Wall, who is best known for his work on the second season of "So You Think You Can Dance." But apart from his dancing, there is one thing he enjoys the most, being with his partner, who he is engaged to and is now en route to getting married.

Today, let us have a look at this beautiful gay relationship and see why this relationship is "too good to believe to be true." There are several ways to celebrate your dating anniversary, but it was May of 2016 when Travis Wall and his partner of 5 years Dom Palange, a gymnastics coach elevated things to the next level, as they got engaged while celebrating their fifth anniversary of togetherness.

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Travis went from being a contestant to a choreographer on "SYTYCD" before starting his own dance company, Shaping Sound -- which is the subject of "All the Right Moves" -- with fellow "SYTYCD" alum (and Season 1 winner) Nick Lazzarini, as well as Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson.

The four friends and roommates "work together, have their lives taped ...

I come to the realization that I just need to walk away and that it’s not worth the trouble. Okay, I added the italics above, but “best friends” my ass!

The dance was gorgeous and passionate and was clearly about something more than a platonic male friendship.

He has worked in elite companies, including the American Ballet Theater.