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But my upbringing and understanding that I am not an animal, to do it “because of an instinct” and not because of love, wouldn’t allow me to experiment. By now most of them are already divorced, because one of the spouses got tired of the family responsibilities and wanted to enjoy the young carefree life again.

It was only when I was 23, after getting married, that I literally jumped on my husband. Now I think that it was senseless to wait for so long, and possibly unhealthy. (as well as weddings) if the young generation was taught to use contraception and the guys and girls had the right goals in life and understood that it’s best to get an education first and then find a good stable job, and only then to get married.

In the Greek comedy Lysistrata, the eponymous character rallies her fellow women to withhold sex from their husbands until they agree to end the Peloponnesian War.

For what it's worth, it worked for the women in the play."Russian women, care to join us?

(Something we noted in August 2015.) At one point during the back-and-forth, after Trump said he hoped “A.