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Who does stuff like that on a Wednesday school Day After bribing me with new spike shoes... The D-Day came and we went to watch DEADPool or at least they did while I texted and pretended to watch it. My homeboy said he knew this Nigerian restaurant in Baltimore and we went there... The girl even had the effrontery to check out my dates heels and asked her the price... And my girl just said it was a gift After the restaurant, I had had enough,the girls English and her accent were giving me migraines so I escaped with my date and she started teasing me saying I hang out with uncultured people..a blow to my ego ... I later called my homeboy and he was like the girl just came from Nigeria and she was to start school in a community college and after the date she was asking him to give her some dollars...

The girl started ordering all kinds of foods, shawarma and "Asun"..couldn't even close her mouth while eating WTF.

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