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In some applications such as i Cal and Outlook 2007 , clicking on the feed URL will automatically launch the calendar application and the corresponding dialog appears. To remove a feed from i Cal: See also additional tips.

If that is not the case, you need to: i Cal i Pad / i Phone Google Calendar Outlook Teamup Calendar Blackberry 1. Paste the URL you copied from your Teamup Calendar feed, click Subscribe 3. and choose the auto-refresh frequency (from every 5 min. For i Phone users, in most cases tapping the Teamup i Calendar feed URL will launch the calendar application and the feed subscription dialog appears.

RSS Campaigns can be set up to go out daily, weekly, or monthly, and automatically populate your campaign layout with the last batch of items from your RSS feed.

If large images are included, your template width may stretch to the width of the widest image.

To have Mail Chimp resize the images when we pull in the feed, check the Resize RSS feed images to fit template box on the RSS Feed step.

You may encounter some errors with your RSS feed, content, or merge tags. Check how many feedblocks you have in your campaign.

If you have more than five feedblocks, you may not be able to preview your campaign in Mail Chimp.

The integration between Outlook 2007 and Internet Explorer’s RSS system will slow down Outlook 2007.