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I won’t be offended in the slightest if you choose the show over this blog post – it will help you appreciate all things Irish and will be the only conversation starter you’ll need: “Have you seen that episode of Father Ted where…”. But give it a chance, it has a festival dedicated to it after all!

People dressed as their favourite characters descend on the island between February 25 and take part in many themed events ranging from five-aside football (nuns against priests) to toilet duck comedy awards, buckaroo speed dating, lovely girls contest and A Song For Europe.

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“So Feargal and I spent a few months doing research and a large number of acquaintances told us they’d gone out alone in the hope of meeting someone special, with few results.

“We have grown from one small office with both of us working part-time to a city-centre suite with six staff serving thousands of members.

She’s the fourth generation matchmaker in the family and some consider her even more prescient than her father.

The dances start around noon every day and go late into the evening.

So, the season of winter is coming to a close here in Ireland (which we count as November, December and January, which has been a point of contention with many Europeans I’ve encountered before) and as spring rears its sleepy head it brings with it new adventures for a new year.