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Samuel anointed David as a "youth" (15 years old) about the time he killed Goliath."Then Saul said to David, you are but a youth while he has been a warrior from his youth." 1 Samuel .They used also used ‘optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) method’ to check the dating and investigate whether the climate changed when the civilisation was thriving, to fill ‘a critical gap in information …

This is perhaps the world's first known sanitation system.

Pottery and metals discovered at various ancient sites in the region indicate the people were skilled craftsmen and metallurgists, able to work copper, bronze, lead and tin, as well as bake bricks and control the supply and drainage of water.

There's also a greater emphasis on movement and dodging attacks, as well as blocking and parrying with shield or weapon."The philosophy around the combat is different, but so are the controls," game director Ashraf Ismail told -like quality it previously lacked.

In addition to melee weapons, Bayek will also make use of bow and arrow, which can be fired at lightning speed at the beginning of a fight to secure initiation damage, or launched from stealth to net a single-hit kill.

Pb single zircon evaporation from three samples of the Hafafit gneisses yielded protolith emplacement ages between 677 ± 9 and 700 ± 12 Ma and document granitoid activity over a period of about 23 Ma.

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