Robert pattinson is dating dylan penn

Dylan dished, “They were a bit surprised because I didn’t warn them. Sean Penn has a pretty bizarre ideology when it comes to cheating on significant others, apparently it isn’t considered cheating if you do it in another country.And, well, on a totally different level, when I met Justin Timberlake for the first time!

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"And on a totally different level, I met Justin Timberlake! "In fact, to be honest, if I could go back, I would not have taken that much clothing off.

" Dylan, who says she has ambitions to become a director, also recalled the "unforgettable" experience of going to Australia at the age of eight while Sean filmed .

Does Robert Pattinson have a thing for famous progeny?

After hooking up with Riley Keough -- Elvis Presley's granddaughter -- over the summer, Kristen Stewart's ex-boyfriend has rebounded with another stunning young woman with A-list roots: Dylan Penn, the daughter of Sean Penn and ex-wife Robin Wright.

"They met and he was taking pictures with her," a source said. Just this morning, she became the first America actress in 30 years to be nominated for a César Award.