Use updating and integration of ict in higher education

However, our research findings can be used to highlight the practices that have been found to improve the delivery of strategic ICT.

We present these findings across four areas: The growing importance of ICT in supporting institutional strategy and the need to provide agility requires that an institution is able to have a clear institution-wide view of both current use and future requirements for ICT.

use updating and integration of ict in higher education-18

We describe the methodology of the work adopted while exploring a specific website, and analyse the main implications of its use in school practice.

The second experiment, being developed in the subject of Educational Technology taught in various Teacher Training Degrees, deals with the construction of an open and flexible platform (website) providing support for learning activities.

Although these technologies are not impartial in any sense they should be used as means for communicating information, in the existing social structures.

However since the process of change and transformation is in the nature of human social institutions, the educational system is also prone to some alterations.

The analysis discloses that Norwegian higher education institutions often have adequate economic resources and a rather well developed technical infrastructure and support structure related to the use of ICT.