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Sallie Mae acts as administrator for student loans from both the Federal government and private lending organizations.

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If students want to consolidate other federal student loans with Sallie Mae loans, they have to apply directly to the U. Department of Education's Federal Student Aid division.

Sallie Mae used to allow student-borrowers to apply for the consolidation of federal loans directly, but this is no longer the case.

With a Sallie Mae student loan you will have access to a number of private lenders as well as the Federal government's student loan programs.

By choosing to secure your student loans through Sallie Mae, you will be able to take advantage of competitive interest rates, easy repayment options and the ability to monitor and manage your loans online.

I have around 76,000 with private and federal student loans. I had to use my forberences in the past because of no job or not enough money to make payments. If anyone knows or can give any advice please please do.