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The Atlantic Coast Conference had 13 All-Americans.Many websites project the Farragut High School graduate as a Top 10 selection in Thursday’s MLB Draft.

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K., but the American hipster, native to Brooklyn and Portland, is the undiluted original.

They’re nearly always parentally sponsored artists of some kind (usually the bad kind), or they work for a tech start-up to get money for falafel and hats.

If you haven’t, then you need to read this book, a beautifully written story of a particular group of immigrants to America—Italians—and how their descendants came to enter, conquer, and meld into baseball.

Lawrence Baldassaro writes that one goal of this book is to “document the many ways that the descendants of those immigrants enriched baseball throughout the twentieth century, both on and off the field.” While not claiming that Italian Americans fundamentally changed the way the game is played, he says his book “is more about the impact the game has had on Italian Americans, as both participants and spectators, in terms of their sense of self identity.” Baldassaro accomplishes both in a richly researched and thoroughly documented work. In looking beyond Joe Di Maggio, Baldassaro digs deeply into Italian pioneers from Ed Abbaticchio to Tony Lazzeri.

The 1960s are what he calls the “last Italians,” the ones still rooted in the old Italian tradition but losing their “Italianness.” Lastly, Baldassaro describes “transitional Italians” from the 1970s, who were clearly more American than Italian.