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I knew she was just being playful and not really trying to annoy me as children often do.

I was just giving her a dose of my playfulness in return.

As she rode beside me on the way to the mountain cabin, I recognized that her body was no longer the body of a child but even now she was not yet completely developed. I walked in here in my underwear and not one word about what a hot looking girl I am." "So, what are you saying? " She got an excited look on her face, took a step towards me, and placed her arms around me. She called home almost every night and talked to both of us briefly. There were never any signs of improvement and we always heard how draining the experience was for Pat. I felt her snuggle up behind me and it felt as if she was wearing nothing more than a thong.

She had dark brown hair and brown eyes that were very alluring and seductive but her face was angelic and innocent. You're gonna start walking around naked until I tell you how absolutely beautiful you are? I had empathy for her but honestly, hearing the same report every night got quite boring. I was fairly certain that what was poking my back was her nipples and not pencil erasers.

I met her when she was just becoming a young woman. okay, I guess, but don't steal my covers during the night," I facetiously warned her.

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