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I read somewhere that Loni had an affair with Gary Sandy during the shows run. While they didn't flaunt their relationship on the set, they were often seen leaving the lot very late at night.

While we were upstairs rewriting that week's script, we could see their cars driving out of the front gate at around one in the morning.

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Like i wrote in the hype/preview thread there will be a releas from the Titan Verse. But first, please read this info: Don't expect long diaries or game play, this is just for showing, i wouldn't recommend to play for long time. This mod should have all content from the preview thread in the first place, but i've got a problem with some things, so i decide to split this release in two parts.

This is the first part, and the second part will come this week, maybe thursday.

The file contains 11 companys, 30 broadcasters and 485 worker.