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"I know as a team we felt like if we were to say anything about it, we felt like there would be consequences against us," said Lemke, who is a junior at MSU.

'THERE were five of us, all first- time fathers, and we were having a drink one night when a rather beautiful woman walked by. Then someone said, 'I remember sex.' And another said, 'I remember sex, too.''And then it slowly started to come out. To have the tap turned off, without warning, after 10 years together, is the most devastating, painful thing. I feel like I've been dispensed with - as if my function is finished.' Saul's experience is not uncommon.

MSU, the ninth largest college in the nation and a sports powerhouse, is now at the center of a scandal that reaches all the way to the Olympics because Nassar was also the longtime team physician for USA Gymnastics.

Named in dozens of lawsuits, MSU is reportedly paying $990 an hour to a high-end law firm and fending off calls from faculty for an outside investigation.

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