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One cute picture shows them chatting as she gets her hair done, and others show them on a walk around Silver Lake before the event.

A lot has changed since Kristen was Robert Pattinson's on-screen or real-life girlfriend, but it warms our hearts to know that through all of it, her friendship with Taylor has stayed strong.

] It appears that the Hollywood hottie's presence put the often-awkward starlet at ease in front of the many cameras. Hmm, very star likes to keep her romantic life quiet ever since she was caught cheating on her other on-screen (and former off-screen) love Robert Pattinson back in 2012. Nonetheless, we feel that Kristen is 100% SLAYING it right now.

We especially love the sassy, sequin covered romper and the Jimmy Choos combo that she rocked at the premiere.

” “This is a program where I can feel awkward in every situation,” Pattinson replied. “They’re the perfect couple,” said a top Hollywood insider.