Large breasted woman dating

Do you feel disgusted with how superficial they are?

You don’t want to think about how you’re not doing enough to make yourself more attractive to more people. Whenever I challenge people who shame physical attraction, they always reveal they’re no better than the people they judge. A lot of shorter guys get angry at women who like tall men. We all prioritize certain values higher or lower on our list.

I talked about it a lot with my parents before deciding that getting a breast reduction would be the smartest thing for my physical and emotional well being. I also immediately noticed a change in the way guys approached me.

And as for a breast reduction: no, I honestly hadn't thought of getting them reduced until a terribly unfortunate series of nip-slips at a pool party the summer after my sophomore year of college.

Fast forward a year, and it was the pain that ultimately got to me.

I have been online dating for about two months and it’s been so-so thus far. I’m 5’3″ and an hourglass-ish size 10, so while I’m not obese, I’m definitely not “athletic and toned.” I chose pictures that I think accurately show this.

Anyway, at first I listed myself as “A few pounds extra” thinking it was an honest description.

Let’s start with you, because a) you wrote me the note, and b) you’re an online dating anomaly – an honest size 10 who doesn’t claim to be athletic and toned.

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