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Visit our article on how to Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone for more details on the things you need to consider before installing a spy phone app. Honestly, people who cheat are like people who collect cars, candles, little statues, or anything else.

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In addition, Google Voice does not receive some verification calls (I need to log into a VPN via a phone call for my work); as such, I use Skype for this call.

Thankfully most of my friends and family use i OS, so I can use i Message.

The regular Google Hangouts Web app is pretty impressive, too.

On your smartphone, this works over data (or Wi-Fi if you’re connected), so calls over Hangouts do not use any of your included minutes.

I suspect that my girlfriend is still cheating on me after I found out when I borrowed her phone and checked her Facebook, Skype and Viber, we had an argument, now she's saying that she is not cheating anymore but I can't believe it because she won't let me check her phone ever and she's using a code I can never check it even if I get the chance to.